Best Indoor Grill for Steaks in 2022

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Cooking a good steak to perfection indoors is difficult. So for the best results, you should use an indoor grill. That said, there are so many indoor grills on the market that choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. This article reviews five of the best indoor grills that will get your steaks done to perfection. So, let’s get to it.

Best Indoor Grill for Steaks: Reviews

Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

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This is a relatively small yet powerful indoor electric grill perfect for steaks. It’s not the least expensive unit, but it does perform exceptionally well.


The Power XL grill comes with a 1500-Watt powerful heating element. It provides fast heating and remarkably consistent heat from left to right.

This electric grill can achieve temperatures of 450° Fahrenheit with ease. Moreover, it comes with precision control for high and low-temperature cooking.

In addition, this indoor grill has both a grill grate and a griddle grate. Both are removable and also very easy to clean. They feature a nonstick coating that makes these removable surfaces easy to cook with and clean; they are even dishwasher friendly.

The drip tray will catch all of the drippings to prevent smoke from occurring. It also makes the food you’re cooking much healthier. This drip tray can also be removed for easy cleaning, and it’s dishwasher friendly.

The power XL indoor grill comes with a 13.75 by 8-inch cooking space that should be enough for three to four steaks, depending on their size.

The grill as a whole measures 21 by 15.4 by 8.1 inches. The cooking area is spacious yet is also relatively compact overall. It weighs just over 15 pounds.


  • Grill and griddle surfaces
  • Nonstick and easy to clean
  • Spacious cooking area
  • Overall compact design
  • Dishwasher friendly drip tray
  • Keeps smoke to a minimum
  • Fast, even, and powerful heating


  • Assembly process takes some time
  • Some issues with the smoke extraction fan

Ovente Electric Indoor Grill

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If you are looking for an affordable and straightforward indoor electric grill, this might just be the right one for you. It might not look like anything special, but it can grill up some steaks and vegetables just fine.


This indoor electric grill comes with a reasonably powerful 1200-Watt electric heating element and five temperature settings from which to choose. This ranges from 200° to 400° Fahrenheit. It’s not quite precision temperature control, but it should be good enough for most purposes.

This indoor grill measures 18.25 by 10.37 by 2.26 inches and weighs 3 pounds. As a result, it is ideal for very small spaces such as apartments. Although the unit itself is relatively compact, it comes with a 15 by 10-inch nonstick grill plate, large enough to cook four or even five steaks at once.

Being nonstick means that you don’t need extra oil to cook, and it also makes this grill grate very easy to clean; the grill grate can be washed in the dishwasher.

The drip tray helps to prevent too much smoke from occurring, and it makes cleanup more manageable. It is also dishwasher friendly. In addition, the cool-touch handles ensure the handles always stay cool and safe to touch.


  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • No oil required
  • Dishwasher-friendly components
  • Very affordable
  • Fast and consistent heating


  • Nonstick coating wears off relatively quickly
  • Some of the metal components may rust

Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill

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This electric grill is ideal for grilling steaks and other foods indoors. It’s made with very durable materials yet is also lightweight. Also, the price is more than reasonable price.


This is grill measures 17.32 by 14.96 by 3.94 inches and weighs just 4.9 pounds, making it very compact and lightweight. This is ideal for portability and for storing in small places. It’s not the largest cooking surface, but it’s still large enough to cook around four steaks with ease.

This small indoor grill has a reasonably powerful heating element spread across the surface. This allows for fast, even, and consistent heating. It can reach temperatures up to 450° Fahrenheit and features precise temperature control. As a result, you can quickly sear your steaks or cook vegetables at lower temperatures.

One of the best features is the ceramic and titanium grill grate, triple reinforced to ensure that no coating comes off and provides excellent durability. In addition, it is a nonstick surface, which means that you don’t need to cook with any kind of oil. As a result, food won’t stick to it, making cleanup much easier. The grill grate is also dishwasher friendly.

This is one of the few nonstick cooking surfaces that is metal friendly. You can use metal utensils on it without damaging it. In addition, the steel and aluminum exterior is scratch and impact-resistant.

The Gotham Steel smokeless grill also has a ceramic-coated drip pan to prevent grease from getting onto the heating elements and prevent smoke from occurring. The drip tray is also removable and dishwasher friendly.


  • Durable design
  • Great price
  • Fast and consistent heating
  • Removable drip tray – dishwasher friendly
  • Triple reinforced nonstick cooking surface
  • Metal utensil friendly
  • Small and compact


Setting the temperature is a bit of a guessing game

Gevi Electric Indoor Smokeless Grill + Griddle

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This grill from Gevi is a slightly larger unit. It doesn’t have the most powerful heating element, but it has dual heating zones and plenty of cooking space.


This indoor grill comes with two zones – one is a grill, and the other is a griddle. Each cooking surface measures 12.3 by 9.65 inches, giving you a good deal of cooking area. The unit is not overly large, and it is pretty lightweight. This makes it easy to store in a small space.

It comes with a fan that sucks away 95% of smoke and a drip tray to catch the drippings before touching the heating elements. The drip tray is easy to remove and easy to clean.

Moreover, both cooking surfaces are nonstick, so you won’t need oil to cook, and they are very easy to clean. Finally, all components, including the drip trays and the cooking surfaces, are dishwasher friendly.

The two cooking areas each have their own heating zone that can be controlled independently and set anywhere from  0° to 450° degrees Fahrenheit with the precise temperature control.


  • Grill and griddle combo
  • Dual temperature zones
  • Precision temperature setting
  • Looks nice
  • Air fan to suck smoke away
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Plenty of cooking area
  • Dishwasher safe components


  • Not the most affordable grill on our list
  • 1050-Watt heating element is not the most powerful

George Foreman Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press

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This is a highly affordable indoor electric grill. It might not be big, but it works really well for one large or two medium steaks.


If you are short on space, this grill deserves a closer look. This George Foreman grill measures just 10.49 by 3.1 by 7.53 inches, making it the smallest unit on our list. However, it is large enough to cook two steaks, although it was designed more for sandwiches.

It’s not the best choice for large families, but it works well for couples and singles. The bonus is that it is portable, easy to store in a small space, and lightweight.

This George Foreman grill comes with classic nonstick grill plates. Food won’t stick to them, which means that your food won’t burn or create smoke, making it easy to clean.

This is also a panini press, which means that it has cooking surfaces on top and on the bottom, which get hot simultaneously. So you can sear a steak on both sides at once, effectively cutting cooking time in half.

The cooking surface is sloped, so the oil drains away from your food and into the drip tray below. The drip tray is also easy to remove and easy to clean. This is one of the most user-friendly and convenient indoor grills for steaks.


  • Very space-efficient
  • Very affordable
  • Cooks from top and bottom
  • Easy to clean
  • Removes a lot of fat from the equation
  • Even and consistent heating


  • Not much cooking space
  • Heating element is not overly powerful

Buyer’s Guide

Before you buy an indoor grill for steaks, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind.

Heating Elements

Pay attention to how powerful the heating elements are. Generally speaking, you want at least 1100 watts of power, with more being better. The more powerful the heating element is, the faster your grill will heat up.


Today, we have reviewed relatively small indoor grills, with most measuring somewhere around 8 by 15 inches, which should be enough for anywhere from three to five steaks.

Cooking Surface

Also, ensure the grill has a nonstick cooking surface. This will help prevent food from sticking, prevent smoke from occurring and make cleanup much faster.

Drip Tray

A drip tray will allow the grill to catch grease without making a mess. It also helps prevent smoke by preventing grease from falling onto the heating elements. The drip tray should also be easy to clean and dishwasher friendly if possible.


The exterior should be made of a durable, scratch- and impact-resistant material. It should also be heat-resistant.


We think the best indoor grill for steaks on our list is the Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill. It comes with everything you need to grill up to four steaks at once, and it won’t cost you a fortune. That said, all of the indoor grills we review today are perfectly fine for cooking up your steaks.

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